EDM Resin Regeneration Program

For a quote on resin regeneration, virgin resin, or any other services please email us at sales@edmsupplies.com or call us at (440) 918-3770.

The North American EDM Supplies Inc. Resin Regeneration program is the easiest, most cost effective method of dielectric control available. The advantages include cost control, EPA Compliance, less machine down-time, and streamlined purchasing. North American EDM Supplies offers the easiest to use regeneration program available. NO COUPON NEEDED. In addition to bulk regeneration, we can regenerate all competitor’s and manufacture’s systems including tanks, canisters, bulk, and bags.

At North American EDM Supplies Inc., we offer resin regeneration,  complete resin systems, new tanks and nuclear grade virgin resin.  If you need your resin regenerated contact one of our representatives for complete details and shipping instructions.  When you send us your resin we will do a professional resin exchange and get your systems back to you quickly.

If you need replacement parts for your tanks we can help you.  We are able to get replacement heads, tanks, and all other parts for your resin system.

Do not toss your used resin in the dumpster or out the back door.  This is an EPA violation.  For proper disposal send your used resin to us for disposal.  It is easy, safe and fully EPA compliant.